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Bruce Boyer for Ventura County Clerk of elections:

Elect a referee who will call a clean game.
Until the people know that our elections are honest; we will continue to be divided. When both sides know that the winners won and the losers lost; then we can come together, shake hands and move forward together, all as Americans.

What Bruce Boyer will do as your County Clerk of elections:
Primary job & goal #1. Elections: The primary job of the Clerk is to run and oversee our elections. To insure they are run according to the law, honest and that there is no fraud. An illegal vote is equivalent to someone stealing your vote. This is protecting your right to vote. If there is any possible breaking of the law; that it is investigated, and the perpetrators are turned over to Law Enforcement.

Problem #1 of 6:  The current voter rolls of the County are NOT screened to remove people who are deceased, have moved away or are fictious/frauds. The current Clerk will be sending out ballots by mail to an estimated 40,000 deceased voters and un-estimated number of fictious and moved away voters. You cannot send out tens of thousands of ballots to these “mistakes” and not guarantee extensive voter fraud!
Solution:  I will do a complete audit of the voter rolls to remove people who are deceased, moved away or who are determined to be fictious. Everything will be transparent to the public.

Problem #2 of 6: Before it was even implemented; the current Dominion automated system was documented by the Calif. Sec. of State as having one hundred and eighty programming errors that violated Calif election laws. How any system can be that much awry is beyond my comprehension, yet there it is. Forty Calif. Counties contracted to use it.
Solution:  I will audit and review the current system from top to bottom. No ‘system” will be used until I, as your Clerk am 100% assured to where I can tell you, the public, that I stand by it 100%. Only then will a system be used. Everything will be transparent to the public.

Problem #3 of 6: The current system is ripe for fraud and will have fraud in 2022 as well.
Solution: Upon taking office in January of 2023; I will audit the previous elections for voter fraud. Instances of persons who were deceased, moved away or likely fictious voting will be investigated and where voter fraud occurred. My background of three decades plus in theft and fraud deterrence and investigation is likely the best criteria that could be desired for the job of County Clerk of elections. I am personally looking forward to handcuffing the crooks before turning them over to the sheriff. That particularly includes anyone who committed fraud to vote for me.

Problem #4 of 6: Under the law; Registering to vote in California does not require that any I.D. or SSN be provided. This is how people literally register a cat or fictious people to vote. There is no legal requirement of verification.
Solution:  I will do verification and investigation to identify likely fictious/fraudulent ‘voters” to stop their registrations. Notices will be posted and voters will be requested to show ID when they sign in to vote. Those who present no ID will still be allowed to vote, as that is the law; however, they will be on video and flagged for investigation. Few people would dare commit fraud with this level of scrutiny.

Problem #5 of 6: The ballots are not secure to prevent counterfeits from being printed, inserted and then counted.
Solution: I will implement a system as to positive ballot tracking and verification. There are many excellent inexpensive options to do this. There will be NO forged ballots.

Problem #6 of 6: The chain of custody is hidden from view.  People can steal and commit fraud when the ballots are not watched.
Solution: All ballots will be on live streamed video and the video will be stored on secure and publicly accessible servers. The only time that ballot will be off camera is when the voter takes it into the voting booth. The transport and counting will be on video as well. The ballot will never be off camera, even as they are stored after counting. My background of three decades plus in the video-surveillance business will be most helpful here.
Voting by mail violates the basic tenancy that people are free to vote without undue influence. Many people live in situations where they would be so influenced.  I will litigate to end vote by mail.

Goal #1. Ending the pension crookedness: Currently, the elected County officials take a pension from a fund paid into by the County employees and the taxpayers, they contribute only a percentage of their ‘salary”.  I call that crooked. As a boss; I understand that one must go to the mat for their people. I will not stand for this crookedness. I will make it an issue until it is corrected. I am more than willing to pound The Board of Supervisors into yielding.  You now understand why I am not “endorsed by ANY elected politician…You are welcome to join me in pounding on them!  As for myself, I will not participate in this pension crookedness. I will take no pension that I do not fully invest in. If Social Security is good enough for the people, which it is not, then it should be good enough for those whom we elect, and that means me.

Goal #2. Pension autonomy: I will also make the pension-control crookedness an issue. Currently, the County employees’ pension fund is ruled over by an unelected Board of obscenely paid appointees. The employees are required to pay in, yet have no control over their pension. The employees should have the choice, to opt out. It’s their money! As one example of the crookedness; In 2021 that “Board” “loaned” the Chinese Communist Government ten million dollars from the pension fund, as an ‘investment”!

Goal #3. Salary accountability: I will make this an issue : The compensation of all our elected officials should be determined by the voters, not the Board of Supervisors! The Election code provides for a vote by the people, yet we have never had one.  As your Clerk, I will make this an issue and pound it until they yield. Again, you now understand why NONE of the elected politicians have or will endorse me.. Not that I want any of their endorsements.  I trust the people to pay me a fair compensation. So should all elected officials.  I want accountability so that my bosses, the people, decide what to pay me. I will set the example for all other elected officials.

Job#2. I will be in charge of various records such as DBAs and marriage licenses. I think I can manage this. While I am legally allowed to marry people; I will NOT be marrying anybody!
Time to put this cowboy in charge of our elections!
Elect Bruce Boyer for Clerk on June 7th.

You can mail a campaign donation check to:

321 N Maclay Ave, Ste D,
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