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Bruce Boyer for Ventura County Clerk

Elections: The primary job of the Clerk is to set up, run and oversee our elections. The Clerk oversees it all. The Clerk’s duty is to make sure the elections are run according to the law, to insure that there is no fraud, no breaking of the laws and that the elections are honest and fair. Protecting your right to vote. This is election integrity. If there is any possible breaking of the law, that it is investigated and if probable, then it is turned over to Law Enforcement; the Sheriff, Dept. of Justice, District Attorney, State or United States A.G.

Upon taking office, I will review the current system from top to bottom. No ‘system” will be used until I, as your Clerk am 100% assured to where I can tell you, the public, that I stand by it 100%. Only then will a system be used, and that might mean a return to hand counting.

I will do election integrity.

Under the law; Registering to vote in California does not require that any I.D or even a SSN be provided. As such, any registration received will be registered. There is no process of verification. This is how people literally register a cat or fictious people to vote. As your Clerk; I will audit the voter registrations and rolls to identify likely fictious, non-citizen, double registered or deceased ‘voters”. Investigations will be done to remove all that are not legit. My background of three decades plus in theft and fraud deterrence and investigation business might be most helpful here. This is what election integrity does.

I will also audit elections that occurred prior to my taking office in January of 2023. If voter fraud was committed, we must have the rule of law punish them accordingly. If not, then we have no law, we have chaos and tyranny. I will not allow anyone to steal your right to vote.

Transparency: My second priority will be to set up for live video-streaming of all ballot counting. That this is not done now, in the year 2022, is an indication that the people in charge do not want anyone watching what is going on. I will fix that. We will have live streaming video of all ballot counting.  My background of three decades plus in the video-surveillance business might be most helpful here.

I will make pension theft an issue. Elected officials should not take a pension from a fund paid for by the County employees ( that includes me as your County Clerk). The employees should have control over their pension, not be subject to an unelected Board of highly paid appointees. They should have the option of choice, to opt out. It’s their money!  In 2021 that “Board” “loaned” the Chinese Communist Government ten million dollars of the pension fund, as an ‘investment”!

Salary accountability: The compensation of elected should be determined by the voters, not the Board of Supervisors! The Election code provides for a vote by the people. As your Clerk, I will make this an issue. I trust the people to pay me a fair compensation. I want accountability so that my bosses, the people, decide what to pay me. I will set the example for all other elected officials.

The Clerk is also the registrar. The job is to record birth certificates, marriage licenses, DBAs and such. I will see those are done as are all services in a consumer-friendly manner, not a government manner.

I am not seeking the endorsement of ANY elected official. The only endorsement I seek is from you,  my boss, the voter! 

Elect Bruce Boyer for Clerk on June 7th.

You can mail a campaign donation check to:

321 N Maclay Ave, Ste D,
San Fernando, CA 91340